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  • Dr. Joseph Ruggirello

Lets Discuss Energy Drinks and Tooth Decay!

This has been an ongoing issue and discussion for several years now. Energy and sports drinks can damage tooth enamel, boosting the risk of cavities, according to several studies.The biggest misconception is that energy drinks and sports drinks are healthier than soda for your overall health. Not only are studies finding that they are unhealthy and cause many medical issues, we are seeing more decay with patients who consistently drink these types of drinks. The truth is these types of drinks erode or thin out the enamel of the teeth, leaving them more susceptible to decay and sensitivity. And in recent studies when they have tested sports drinks and energy drinks for the effects of acidity on tooth enamel they found both types caused damage. Energy drinks, however, were twice as bad as regular sport drinks and once the tooth enamel is damaged it cannot be fixed. Among the energy drinks with the highest acidity, Gatorade Blue had the highest acidity followed by Red Bull Sugarfree, Monster Assault, 5-Hour Energy, Von Dutch and Rockstar. 

These drinks are more and more popular among teens and young adults. Up to half of the U.S. population of teens and young adults drink energy drinks, with more than half having at least one sports drink a day. The common draw to these types of drinks of course is the immediate energy boost, which for many young adults who are away at college tend to say they need. And brushing your teeth after drinking anything acidic is the worst thing you could do. The weakened enamel stands a greater chance of even more destruction. So whats the answer? Well, simply reduce the frequent consumption and the quantity of acidic beverages. Consider drinking these beverages with a straw, to prevent the liquid from touching the teeth surfaces may help. the better alternative is to substitute power drinks with healthier alternatives such as green juices, smoothies, protein shakes, green tea or water. And if you still feel the need to drink a more acidic drink, try to drink them at the end of a meal, as your saliva will restore the natural balance in the mouth and remineralize enamel.

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