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Preventative Services

Routine Cleanings

A basic teeth cleaning aims to remove plaque, tarter and stains that have accumulated on the teeth. Routine dental cleanings are designed to remove plaque and tarter deposits that have built up on teeth over time. Routine cleanings start at $75 and up.

Periomaintenance/Scaling & Rootplaning

A deep cleaning is necessary when there is a large amount of tartar and bacteria under the gumline. This can occur when there is a deeper space between the teeth and gums known as a “pocket.” These pockets can develop when a person has not had their teeth professionally cleaned for a long period of time, when taking certain medications, or if there are complicated medical conditions. Perio/Scaling & Rootplaning  start at $184 and up

Routine Exam

In order to maintain optimal dental health for most patients, two regular dental check-ups are recommended per year. This is the current guideline set up by the American Dental Association (ADA) which recommends dental visits and exams every six months. Exams start at $57 and up


Bitewing X-rays are commonly taken during routine dental visits every 12 to 24 months. This type of x-ray can show cavities starting to develop between your teeth, as well as bone loss due to gum disease.  Periapical X-rays or Full Mouth Series of X-rays are used to diagnose an abscess or a cyst, and to disclose changes to the roots of the teeth and surrounding bone. Full Mouth Series of X-rays is typically taken once every 5 years unless necessary for additional diagnosis or medical purposes. X-rays start at $31 and up

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