Considering Dental Implants?

So you are interested in a dental implant, but still not 100% sure if this treatment is the right treatment for you. Do not feel alone, I have seen many patients ask me about dental implants and not sure if the treatment is the right treatment for them. So let me first take a few minutes to explain what a dental implant is. It easier to think of a dental implant as an artificial tooth with its own unique root that is similar in shape as a screw. When the dental implant is surgically placed in your jaw bone it bonds or integrates with your natural bone. Over time the implant becomes more stable and sturdy enough to support one, or in some cases more than one artificial teeth. These natural looking artificial teeth are called crowns.

So let me break down the whole procedure so that you can understand the process a little better. When considering a dental implant is usually to replace one or more missing teeth. The bad tooth has either been removed by an extraction or you are considering having a bad tooth removed. If the implant is to replace a tooth that has already been previously removed, I will check the bone is the area of the extraction site to check the bone density for proper implant placement. In some cases I may need to do a procedure called bone grafting in order for proper implant placement. After I have done an implant workup, I will schedule a time for you to have the implant placement surgery done. This surgery is a simple in office procedure where the screw like implant is placed into the jaw bone. This procedure take no more than an hour, I will make sure you are comfortable during the procedure and most patients have very little discomfort after the procedure is done.

After the implant is placed there will be a time for healing and implant integration, this can take up to 6 months depending on the individual. After the healing process has passed I will have you come in to start the next process which is the abutment or connector. This is the part that your new tooth or teeth will connect to. The abutment is the part that connect to your implant to hold and support your custom made crown or crowns. Your new crown will be made to match your natural teeth and are custom made for you.

Dental Implants have been around and successfully used for 30 plus years and are considered to be the best choice for teeth replacement. They allow you to have a tooth or teeth replacement that look and function like your natural teeth.


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